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The Magic Camera

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About the program

In teams students rehearse and record scenes for The Magic Camera, a short film set in virtual locations using green-screen technology. This collaborative and interactive production experience develops students’ understanding of genre, characterisation and narrative. 

This program may be booked for min. 20 - max. 60 students per workshop.

Program schedule 

9.45am  Arrival at ACMI Education Entrance
10.00am  Introduction to ACMI and Workshop
10.30am  Recess
11.00am Group 1 Production in Studio 1.  Group 2 visit ACMI Screen Worlds
12.00am  Group 2 Production in Studio 1. Group 1 visits ACMI Screen Worlds. Screen Worlds visit is included in the price, or schools can choose to visit Wonderland for $12.50 per student on top of the workshop price*
1.00pm Lunch (Editing by ACMI)
2.00pm Screening and Reflection
2.30pm Conclusion of Program

*To find out more about attending Wonderland instead of Screen Worlds, contact ACMI Education before or after you book, but well in advance of your visit. 



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