School Holiday Program ACMI presents

Make an Animation

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About the workshop

Bring your story to life through the power of animation! Work together in groups to learn about the power of narrative using techniques such as character design, script-writing, lighting, music and sound design

Learn how to create an awe inspiring animation through a professional three-stage production process. First, develop your story in groups by brainstorming, scripting and storyboarding your ideas through a collaborative process. Next, discover the technical side of stop-motion animation by learning how to create amazing characters from clay. Finally, use cameras and software to build a short animated film.

Give your characters a voice by recording dialogue in our sound-booth and build their world using music and sound-effects. This two-day workshop has kids creating an advanced animation using the wonderful technique of Claymation.

Used to create films such the Wallace and Gromit series, Mary and Max (2009) and Pingu, Claymation is a fun and popular animation technique involving numerous photographs of clay characters stitched together to form a short story.

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