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Make a live TV show

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About the program

Students discover the complexity, spontaneity and intensity of producing live television. They take on key production roles including news anchor and live reporter on location and crew. 

This program may be booked for min. 5 - max. 30 students per workshop.

Program schedule

9.45am  Arrival at ACMI Education Entrance
10.00am  Introduction to ACMI and Workshop
10.30am  Recess
11.00am Group 1 Production in Studio 1.  Group 2 visit ACMI Screen Worlds
12.00am  Group 2 Production in Studio 1. Group 1 visits ACMI Screen Worlds. Screen Worlds visit is included in the price, or schools can choose to visit Wonderland for $12.50 per student on top of the workshop price*.
1.00pm Lunch (Editing by ACMI)
2.00pm Screening and Reflection
2.30pm Conclusion of Program

*To find out more about attending Wonderland instead of Screen Worlds, contact ACMI Education before or after you book, but well in advance of your visit. 


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