On Your Bike! ACMI presents


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Opening night panel

Join us for our opening night screening on Thursday 13 September (R U OK? Day), when filmmaker Eleanor Sharpe will be joined by one of the stars of the film, barrister Douglas Shirrefs and actor and mental health advocate Nick Bracks, for a post-screening discussion on men's health.

These are middle-aged, middle-class men with careers, families and mortgages. They are never going to win the Tour de France, and yet they spend a huge amount of time, money and energy on cycling. Why is it so important to own the best bike and all the right gear? What compels them to choose long hours on the road over time with the family? This light-hearted, yet insightful, feature-length documentary explores the secret lives of 'middle-aged men in lycra' in their natural habitat through interviews with experts interwoven with MAMIL stories set around the world.

In Australia, we meet racing cyclist Jayman from the Warragul Cycling Club; Jim Turner, the president of the Adelaide Fat Boys recreational cycling group; and best mates Craig and Franko from Perth who are on a mission to raise money for cancer and have some fun in the process. On the east coast, Melbourne barrister and cyclist Doug Shirrefs arrives for the ultimate boys’ sporting holiday. The next ten days sees Doug stay at 5-star hotels, eat at the best restaurants, ride the route of the famous La Vuelta Espana road race and see his cycling heroes up close and personal.

Traveling from Australia, around the UK and USA, MAMIL celebrates these fanatics (and their supportive partners) as they showcase how vital cycling is to their health and well-being.