ACMI and Deakin Motion.Lab present

Masterclass: Virtual Production and Motion Capture

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Explore working in a real-time virtual production environment with applications in animation, film, games and more.

This exclusive masterclass will provide information for professionals in the film and TV industry regarding the challenges and opportunities working with virtual production. Work with a professional motion capture artist to get hands-on directing and cinematography experience with real-world application.

You'll learn to block out traditional animation sequences in a virtual environment, the techniques and practicalities for using a virtual camera, tutorials on real-time colour grading and lighting effects, as well as new ways to think about building immersive content.

Originally founded in 2006, Deakin Motion.Lab was established to intersect research, art and technology. Today, it's considered one of the most technologically advanced motion capture facilities in Australia.

Limited to 20 participants.