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Looking for some practical tips and fun activities to help you come up with an idea for, and then create a film, animation or videogame?

Join our Masterclass videoconferences and hear from ACMI Education staff as well as experienced guest creatives.

Masterclass videoconferences are open to Australian schools, teachers and students. Budding Screen It entrants are also welcome.

Session information and dates

Get animated (developing an animation): You’ve got a story for an animation, but what's your next move? How do you decide what kind of animation style you should pursue? What kinds of things should you have in place or practice before making your animation masterpiece? With the help of an animator, ACMI Education offer ideas to aid the decision-making process as well as practical animation tips.

When: May 24, 1:45 PM AEST

Who can join: recommended for Years 4 to 8

Developing a videogame: How do you develop an idea for, and then start making a videogame? With the help of a guest game developer, the ACMI team explore how to develop a concept for a videogame and then get started on making one.

When: June 7, 1:45 PM AEST.

Who can join: recommended for Years 4 to 8

Producing a live-action film: You can’t have action without lights or a camera. In other words, how do you set yourself up to make a great short film? With the help of a guest director ACMI Education go through practical and creative ideas to get prepared for a film shot, as well as ideas as to how to get the best out of your movie when you’re filming it.

When: June 14, 1:45 PM AEST

Who can join: recommended for Years 4 to 8

360 and VR project creation: It’s the new frontier of filmmaking and digital media, but how do you actually get a VR or 360 project off the ground? With the help of a seasoned creative, ACMI Education will discuss the challenges and opportunities offered by this new format and go through practical tip and ideas to help students get started on a VR or 360 project.

When: July 26, 1:45 PM AEST. Bookings open soon.

Who can join: recommended for Years 7 to 12

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