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Looking for some practical tips and fun activities to help you come up with an idea for, and then create a film, animation or videogame?

Join our Masterclass videoconferences and hear from ACMI Education staff as well as experienced guest creatives.

Masterclass videoconferences are open to Australian schools, teachers and students. Budding Screen It entrants are also welcome.

Session information and dates

Writing and coding interactive fiction: videogame narratives are getting more and more complex and immersive, so how exactly do they differ from books and films in terms of their structure and storytelling? In this videoconference we delve into 'branching' narratives and the essential elements students can master to write good (and good looking) interactive fiction. Students can start to familiarise themselves with the free, online program Twine before the session if they wish, but will learn about its capacity for writing interactive fiction in this videoconference.

When: August 2, 1:45 PM AEST. Book now.

Who can join: recommend for Years 5 to 10.

360 and VR project creation: It’s the new frontier of filmmaking and digital media, but how do you actually get a VR or 360 project off the ground? With the help of a seasoned creative, ACMI Education will discuss the challenges and opportunities offered by this new format and go through practical tip and ideas to help students get started on a VR or 360 project.

When: September 6, 1:45PM AEST. Book now.

Who can join: recommended for Years 7 to 12

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