Unclassified 15+ Contains strong themes and violence

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Despite having a degree from a prestigious university, Kazuhiko is unemployed and living with his parents with no plans for the future. Having no work experience and a lacklustre attitude toward life, the strange, awkward and socially inept Kazuhiko eventually finds a job at the local bathhouse scrubbing tiles. While his days are rosier now with the regular stream of income, suspicious interactions between his boss and co-worker lead him to question the use of his workplace outside of hours. On one particular night, he is accidentally caught witnessing a yakuza execution in the bathhouse. What begins as a film about a lonely ill-fitting man drifting along the outskirts of society, quickly develops a cross-genre edginess that is viscerally thrilling, darkly funny and heart-warming. 

Winner of the Best Director Award at 2018 Tokyo International Film Festival: Japanese Cinema Splash, writer/director Seiji Tanaka’s debut film features a unique story full of sudden transitions in tone, all the while paying tribute to Japanese action cinema of the late 80s and 90s and yakuza movie tropes.

Tokyo International Film Festival 2018, Japanese Cinema Splash 
- Winner, Best Director

Saturday 30 November 5.30pm screening at The Capitol
Saturday 30 November 8.00pm screening at Treasury Theatre

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