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Milan Caliber 9

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“[B]rings together the best aspects of Di Leo’s films… Caliber 9 is the essence of Di Leo’s world ”

Slant Magazine

When small-time mobster Ugo is released from prison, he knows his troubles are only just beginning. He keeps telling people he wants to go straight, but everyone from his old boss to his insane best friend and suspicious girlfriend is convinced he’s hiding the $300 000 he stole somewhere in Milan. And you better believe they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make him ‘fess up.

Considered by many to be the perfect distillation of filmmaker Fernando di Leo’s grimy, thrilling oeuvre, Milan Caliber 9 is a pulp extravaganza of outrageous caricatures, plentiful sex and good old-fashioned gangster violence. Expect big hair, big guns and at least a few moments when you have to say “What the hell just happened?”


As part of The Bigger Picture program, enjoy a short introduction by Malcolm Angelucci from The University of Melbourne – MIFF Learning Partner.



Milan Caliber 9 (1971)

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