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The Milk System

Unclassified 15+ Restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult. Scroll to content

“The Milk System takes a look behind the scenes of the dairy industry, highlights the consequences for people, animals and the environment and shows what responsibility politics and consumers bear in a globalised world.”

Films for the Earth

Proudly presented by the Environmental Film Festival Australia

The Milk System brings us face-to-face with farmers, dairy owners, politicians, lobbyists, NGOs and scientists the world over – all of whom have a different view about the multi-billion dollar milk industry. While profit continues to be pursued at the expense of the environment, the animals, farmers and our own health, we are asked to challenge our role as consumers and consider our ethical stance on milk. The Milk System challenges our incessant and questionable global pursuit of growth, highlights dubious trends in industrial food production, and forces us to consider our position on the future of agriculture output – and ultimately our health. 

This film will be followed by a panel discussion - see effa.org.au for more information.