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Mrs Carey's Concert

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About the program

Every two years, Mrs Carey brings 1200 students together to perform at the Sydney Opera House in an ambitious orchestral concert. Celebrated Australian documentarian Bob Connolly uncovers the tensions that arise when individuals resist community expectations. The talk that follows the screening invites discussion about theme, purpose and point of view.

Session includes film, short interval and 40 minute discussion.

To make a new booking, a minimum of 50 students is required.

Bob Connolly and Sophie Raymond, 95 mins, Australia, 2011, PG

Important information:

Years: 9 & 10

Price: $10 per student

Times: Wednesdays and Thursdays during school terms at 10:00 am

Available terms 3 and 4 2020.
Online bookings for this program are currently unavailable. Please inquire via email or phone.