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Mumon: The Land of Stealth

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The historical Tensho Iga War, known as the first and only battle between ninja and samurai, sets the scene for this fictional period epic.

Mumon (Satoshi Ohno of Arashi, Kaibutsu-kun) is well-known for being the deadliest ninja on any battlefield, although at home, his beautiful wife Okuni (Satomi Ishihara, Shin Godzilla) only sees a lazy peasant husband. When he kills the son of a rival ninja family, he unknowingly triggers a deadly battle with the samurai forces.

Director Yoshihiro Nakamura (The Snow White Incident, The Magnificent Nine) delivers a cool period flick with pop aesthetics and a stylish jazz-rock soundtrack. Featuring a star-studded cast, Satoshi Ohno’s (of J-pop group Arashi) performance as the free-spirited and funny, but very deadly, ninja Mumon is not to be missed.