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Murder Me, Monster

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“Boldly original … Murder Me, Monster keeps viewers on their toes with its idiosyncratic blend of bloodthirsty gore, fatalistic brooding and dark humor.”

The Hollywood Reporter

In the shadow of the Andes, something sinister is happening. As mutilated and decapitated women’s bodies begin appearing with increasing frequency, the task of investigating these gruesome murders falls to rural police officer Cruz; suspicion, meanwhile, lands on David – who claims a psychic link to the killer – but Cruz is not convinced. Something just doesn’t add up.

The sophomore feature of Alejandro Fadel (The Wild Ones, MIFF 2012), Murder Me, Monster is a sober, slow-burning work of chilling atmosphere and, when it arrives, gut-punching horror. Setting the film in his picturesque hometown province of Mendoza, Fadel finds surreal echoes of Lynchian logic and a black streak of subtle humour in his twisted tale of fear, repression and the dispossessed male psyche.




Murder Me, Monster (2018)

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