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Nicole He: Talking with Computers

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The way we communicate with computers has changed dramatically throughout the years soon, how we talk to machines won't be very different from how we speak to each other however, we aren’t quite living in that sci-fi archetype just yet.

This masterclass will dive into the current and beautifully broken state of human and computer conversation. Nicole will explore how text-to-speech, speech-to-text, NLP techniques, computer generated poetry, conversational UI design and voice assistants can be used to create interactions for games, apps, or art.

About Nicole He

Nicole He is a Brooklyn-based artist and programmer who uses uses digital and physical mediums to explore the relationship between humans and computers with interactivity, playfulness, and humor. Her projects—such as The True Love Tinder Robot, The Best Art and Soylent Dick—have been featured in outlets including The Guardian, BBC, Vice, and The New York Times. Recently, her work has been focused on experimental and artistic uses of voice technology.

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