ABC Me and Little Big Shots Presents

Odd Squad: The Movie

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Little Big Shots is holding a teaser screening of this hilarious kids' flick to get you in the mood for the festival.

This is no normal town, and these are no normal kids.

In fact, they're a team of specially trained agents in a top-secret agency who investigate mysterious goings on.

Things are really shaken up for these agent-ingenues when a group of grown-ups called Weird Team runs the Odd Squad out of business, forcing the agents into (very) early retirement.

But are the Weird Team actually solving problems, or are they are up to no good?

Based on the highly successful TV show, the film is a barrel of laughs featuring big action set pieces, odd creatures, and even a trip to space!

This screening includes a raffle and giveaways, and the LBS Kids' Jury will be attending to vote on the film.

About Little Big Shots

Australia's largest children's film festival Little Big Shots screens at ACMI every June to hundreds of kids, from tiny tots as young as 2 years old to older tweens.

The specially curated program features the best in local and international children's shorts, animations, documentaries and, amazingly, child-produced films.

The full 2017 program will be available on 30 March, so stay tuned!