Japanese Film Festival 2018 The Japan Foundation, Sydney + ACMI present

Oh Lucy!

Unclassified 15+ Contains moderate sexual content and themes, and mild nudity Scroll to content

Oh Lucy! follows Setsuko (Shinobu Terajima in an Independent Spirit Award-nominated performance), a single, emotionally unfulfilled woman, seemingly stuck with a drab, meaningless life in Tokyo. At least until she’s convinced by her niece, Mika (Shioli Kutsuna; Kiseki Sobito of That DayDeadpool 2), to enrol in an unorthodox English class that requires her to wear a blonde wig and take on an American alter ego named “Lucy.”

The new identity awakens something dormant in Setsuko, and she quickly develops romantic feelings for her American teacher, John (Josh Hartnett,Wicker Park). When John suddenly disappears from class, Setsuko travels halfway around the world in search of him, and in the outskirts of Southern California, family ties and past lives are tested as she struggles to preserve the dream and promise of “Lucy.”

Japanese-American director Atsuko Hirayanagi orchestrates masterful performances in her first feature length film. The cast of Oh Lucy! are perfectly in tune with each other, playing their roles so well they are believable and likeable despite their flaws.