OpenLAB Talks Media Lab Melbourne and ACMI X presents

OpenLAB with Melanie Huang and Gordon Monro

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Join us for an after work drink while finding out the latest on generative design, art and technology.

Designer/artist Melanie Huang will discuss her most recent body of work, which explores the idea of generating the medium of paint with code. She'll talk about how a series of experiments led her to creating stage visuals for hearing-impaired people, and the wonderful initiatives she discovered that exist to cater for the accessibility of culture.

Gordon Monro describes himself as a generative artist: he sets up systems that generate artworks. In Gordon's case, the systems are computer programs and the output takes the form of digital prints, videos generated frame-by-frame, or computer-based installations. Gordon's art is influenced by biological notions of growth, evolution and ecosystems, and also by mathematics and geometrical abstract art. Gordon will talk about and give examples from his recent work, specifically from his Nanocosm project, in which an abstracted ecosystem evolves in real time in the computer. At a theoretical level, Gordon will discuss briefly how notions of metaphor and abstraction play out in work such as his that is based on progress.

This event is free; book to secure your place.

Experimenta Social talks are held at the ACMI X co-working space in the Australian Ballet Centre.

Sponsored by Shingleback & Red Knot Wine and Mountain Goat Beer. 

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