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Our Time Will Come

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“Hui has delivered a mellow, slow-burning piece filled with reflections on…cultural dislocation…and maternal bonds…a beautifully mounted and emotionally engaging piece”

The Hollywood Reporter

Set in Japanese-occupied Hong Kong in the early 1940s, the real-life efforts of the Dongjiang resistance group are vividly recreated in this intimate historical drama from veteran director, Ann Hui (A Simple Life). 

Primary school teacher Fang Lan (Zhou Xun) unexpectedly finds herself recruited by Blackie Lau (Eddie Peng) to assist with dangerous missions to protect prominent Chinese cultural figures after she unwittingly becomes involved in a plot to save novelist Mao Dun. Worried for her daughter's safety, Lan's mother (A Simple Life's Deanie Ip) volunteers to take Lan's place as a courier, only to be arrested in the process.

Hui sets her drama in an historical framework but as in all her films, displays a well honed instinct for portraying thoughtfully rendered female characters. 

The winner of multiple Hong Kong Film Awards including Best Film and Best Director, Hui's impressive cast also features Tony Leung Ka-fai, Nina Paw, Ivana Wong and up and coming actress Jessie Li.