Capturing Existence: the Films of Carlos Reygadas ACMI presents

Our Time

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“A soul-searching work of scorching honesty that functions both as an anatomy of love and marriage, and as an evisceration of masculinity.”

Please note: Our Time will screen at The Capitol while ACMI at Fed Square is closed for redevelopment.

Premiering at the 2018 Venice Film Festival, Carlos Reygadas's latest film is a deeply meta experience.

Like his previous film Post Tenebras Lux, it’s about a family, it stars his children but this time, the director and his wife (and Editor) Natalia López also enter the frame.

Esther (López) and Juan (Reygadas) raise fighting bulls on an expansive ranch in Mexico. They have an open relationship and live a happy existence. Things begin to change when Esther falls for a visiting American horse trainer, Phil (comedian and writer Phil Burgers). Her secrecy acts as an affront to Juan and as his fixation on the affair increases, fault-lines emerge, power dynamics shift, and their relationship morphs into unknown territory.

Like many of Reygadas's earlier films, the natural world is more than a simple backdrop for the action: it’s a mirror, a provocation and offers moments of deep transcendence for the characters and audience alike.

For all its technical ambition, it’s the unwinnable bind that ensnares Esther which makes Our Time such a magnificent work of cinema. In the dark, her heartbreak is inescapable but her resilience is a shining light.