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The Queen of Spain

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“Cruz effortlessly inhabits the world of a 1950s movie queen…glorious”


Fernando Trueba, the acclaimed writer-director of Best Foreign Language Oscar-winner, Belle Epoque (1994) reunites with Penelope Cruz – one of the young stars of that film – in a lavish homage to cinema in the golden age of the Hollywood studio system.

Silver screen diva Macarena Granada (Cruz) flees from the glitz and glamour of 1950s Hollywood to return to Madrid, where she signs on to star in a big budget costume drama being directed by legendary Hollywood auteur John Scott (Clive Revill), who is mischievously modeled on director John Ford if the eye-patch is anything to go by. When Blas Fontiveros (Antonio Resines), Granada’s former director, is kidnapped during production of the film, she and the largely Spanish supporting cast become involved in a plot to rescue him: a risky mission complicated by an impending on-set visit by fascist dictator, General Franco (Carlos Areces).

An excellent supporting cast of Spanish and American actors features Javier Cámara (Living is Easy), Rosa Maria Sardà (All About My Mother), Mandy Patinkin and Cary Elwes – very much in The Princess Bride mode, the comedy classic the two actors starred in together in 1987 – and Argentinian newcomer Chino Darín.

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