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“A refreshing reminder of the usability-above-all principles that once held more sway... [which] benefits from both the work and the personality of subject Dieter Rams.”

Australian premiere - season extended

Who would you consider to be mostly responsible for shaping our modern world? Apple’s Jonathan Ive? Inventor James Dyson? It could be argued that the "less but better" philosophy of German industrial designer Dieter Rams, whose aesthetic significantly influenced the minimalist style of Apple and other brands, had a far greater impact on how we live today.

Director and veteran design documentarian Gary Hustwit (Urbanized, Helvetica and Objectified) shadows Rams as he humbly receives recognition for his contribution to design, but we're also privy to quieter moments with the notoriously private designer: tending to his Japanese garden, and at home in his lounge room with armchairs he created in the 1960s, consumer goods he created for Braun over many years, and his iconic tomato red Olivetti Valentine typewriter.  

Rams is a design documentary, but it’s also a rumination on consumerism, materialism, and sustainability. "I think that’s Dieter’s biggest regret," Hustwit says, "or what he’s most frustrated by, is that he hasn’t been able to do enough to get that message out.”

Featuring original music by Brian Eno.