Riding Uphill

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Pro baseballer Hamajima (Kenichi Abe) is kicked out of the league for his wavering performance, and eight years later, he’s wasted away the family savings with his gambling addiction – his marriage crumbles, he loses access to his son and he betrays the last friendship he had. The only way out of his downward spiral is a total change of pace: a new life as a professional cyclist – starting at the age of 39.

Surrounded by younger, leaner and stronger peers, Hamajima is easily out-classed in athleticism and grit. Starting from rock bottom, there’s a long climb ahead, and learning to ‘give it your best’ might be the challenge of a lifetime. Riding Uphill is a story about men funnelling emotional hardship and recovering from personal failure through physical endurance. Set in Kita-Kyushu in Fukuoka, the home of keirin cycling culture, the film offers a glimpse into the competitive mindset and training of competitive cycling.

With his own sporting accolades, director Kan Eguchi was the creative director for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic promotional video and has also won top awards in three consecutive years at Cannes Lions. Riding Uphill is his debut feature.

2018 Osaka Asian Film Festival
2018 Asian Film Festival of Dallas
2018 Tokusihma International Film Festival
2018 Asian Film Festival of Dallas
2018 Okinawa International Movie Festival
2018 Kyoto International Film and Art Festival