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Sami Blood

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“Sami Blood is a beautiful, haunting film, anchored by a startlingly accomplished lead performance”

Swedish-Sami filmmaker Amanda Kernell’s striking directorial debut is a female coming-of-age story told with emotional power.

During the 1930s in Sweden, indigenous Sami children were systematically removed from their parents. Reindeer-herding teenager Elle-Marja is one of these children, who is sent to a boarding school where indigenous students are made ‘acceptable’ to white society. During her stay, Elle-Marja is torn between assimilating and her burgeoning sense of self, a dilemma expressed with wonderful exuberance by newcomer Lene Cecilia Sparrok.

Beautifully articulating adolescent anxiety and the impact of one culture seeking to deny another, Kernell proves why she won Best Director of a Debut Film at the Venice Film Festival with this universal story.