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Set in a small city outside Tel Aviv, Scaffolding centres on the gifted but troubled student Asha (Asher Lax), who spends his days hanging out and ignoring his education.

At home, Asha’s single father Milo (Yaacov Cohen) pressures him to take over his scaffolding business, and while the two share a close relationship, emotional tensions are never far from the surface. When charismatic literature teacher, Rami (Ami Smolarchik), arrives, Asha is inspired to rethink his destiny and imagine more for himself. When a sudden tragedy strikes, he must decide what path he’ll walk.

Scaffolding is a touching, autobiographical film from debut director Matan Yair, who was inspired by his real-life student, Asher Lax, who plays himself in the lead role.    

Premiering at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival (ACID showcase) and a hit at the 2017 Toronto Film Festival, Scaffolding won Best Israeli Feature Film and Best Actor at the 2017 Jerusalem Film Festival.