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Screen It 2018

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Screen It offers young filmmakers, animators and game developers the chance to show off their talents through group or individual moving-image entries.

And now, drum roll please...

... the 2018 theme for Screen It is ...


At ACMI we are incredibly curious (pun intended) to see how you shape your animation, game or live action film around the theme.

Remember that you can interpret Curious any way you like, but to help get the ideas flowing check out the Screen It resources link below.

To get inspired. You can play and view the 2017 Screen It winners here.

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Screen It entries open 9am Monday 2 July and are due in by 6pm Tuesday 25 September 2018.

For more inspiration, book your class visit to ACMI’s Wonderland exhibition.


Screen It resources

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Film it

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What schools say

“Screen It is great for the life of the school.”

St Augustine’s Primary School

“Screen It was a fantastic opportunity for kids involving the whole school…it’s really powerful for students to see their stuff online.”

James Quilty, Laburnum Primary School

2016 Screen It winners and participants in the ACMI Lightwell