Environmental Film Festival 2017 EFFA presents

Sea of Life

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With access to renowned environmental experts and breathtaking underwater cinematography, award-winning young filmmaker Julia Barnes takes audiences on a provocative journey, through the most stunning and threatened ecosystems on the planet and the rallying movement to save them, leaving audiences around the world inspired to fight for our oceans - and our future.

Sea of Life is a film about changing the world. It's about young people rising up in the face of catastrophe and having the courage to fight for what you love.

At the EFFA screening, students will explore these issues with a talk by a guest speaker.

Julia Barnes, 85 mins, Canada, 2017

Program schedule

THU 19 OCT 10.00am is a designated Secondary school session

THU 19 OCT 12:30pm is a designated Primary school session

This program runs for approximately 2 hours. This includes a screening of the film and a talk by a guest speaker.