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Shaun the Sheep Movie

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“Such technical brilliance from Aardman Animations should be no surprise by this stage. What really hits you is the persistent level of charm and hilarity as it coasts along.”

Shaun is a clever, mischievous sheep who lives with his flock on Mossy Bottom Farm, under the supervision of The Farmer and Bitzer, a well-meaning but ineffectual sheep dog.


Despite Shaun's best efforts, life on the farm has got into a bit of a rut, so Shaun concocts a cunning plan – to have a day off! But be very careful what you wish for. Events rapidly escalate out of control and Shaun's mischief inadvertently leads to the hapless farmer being taken away from the farm. With the flock's help, Shaun must travel to the Big City in order to rescue the Farmer and failure is not an option.


But how will the sheep survive? Can they avoid being recognised as sheep? Will they avoid the clutches of a fearsome animal catcher? In the course of the action-packed adventure they experience a host of wild, funny mishaps. And Shaun meets a little orphan dog called Ship who makes him realise that having a home and family is not something to be taken for granted.