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“[Helfgott's] extraordinary life is intelligently charted here, and the three actors who play him at different stages are all exceptional”

Scott Hick’s award-winning Shine tells the remarkable story of gifted pianist David Helfgott. A child prodigy expected to fulfil a brilliant career, Helfgott suffered a nervous breakdown while on the precipice of international acclaim. Institutionalised and separated from the instrument he so dearly loved, Helfgott’s voyage out of that darkness into a love-filled life of joy is truly inspirational.

Noah Taylor and Geoffrey Rush give exceptional performances as Helfgott, while Armin Mueller-Stahl is outstanding as David's father. Shine was a triumph internationally for both the Australian film industry and the relaunch of Helfgott's career. Geoffrey Rush also received an Academy Award for his performance.

Catch up with the real David Helfgott with our exclusive season of the equally moving Hello I am David! a recent documentary by German filmmaker Cosima Lange.