Human Rights Arts & Film Festival 2019 ACMI + HRAFF presents

The Sign For Love

Unclassified 15+ This film is restricted to audiences aged 15+, children aged under 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Scroll to content

Elad Cohen’s hearing family have never accepted his Deafness. In this achingly honest first-person tale, Cohen shares his journey to fatherhood and reconciliation with his family. Deaf Israeli Elad Cohen has felt guilty about being deaf since childhood, when his mother told him “raising you is like raising three kids”. After his mother’s tragic death, the divide between Cohen and his family only widens. Craving the stability of a family of his own, he decides to have a baby with his Deaf best friend Yaeli, but both are unprepared for the realities of being new parents.

The charismatic Elad documents his own story using the camera as a diary, painting a deeply affecting and occasionally hilarious portrait of disability, parenthood and the complexities of balancing the two.