Capturing Existence: the Films of Carlos Reygadas ACMI presents

Silent Light

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“Hypnotic, so real-yet-otherworldly, that the filmgoer has a virtual out-of-body experience.”

Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

Winner of the Jury Prize at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, Reygadas's third feature is set in the Plautdietsch-speaking Mennonite community in Mexico.

Johan (Cornelio Wall Fehr), Esther (Miriam Toews) and their children live in relative harmony but Johan is living with a moral dilemma. He's having an affair with Marianne (Maria Pankratz) and is increasingly torn between his devotion to his faith, family and his deep love for Marianne.

Johan's guilt weighs heavily however in confessing his truth, this burden isn't lifted but rather transferred.

With deeply nuanced performances, coupled with Alexis Zabe's majestic cinematography, Silent Light immediately garnered critical praise and remains one of Carlos Reygadas most beloved and known works.