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Skate Kitchen

MA15+ (Strong sex scenes and coarse language) Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Scroll to content

“An irresistible hangout movie, offering a thoroughly millennial, vérité spin on '80s skater classics like 'Thrashin'”

18-year-old Camille spends her days skating around Long Island, escaping her mundane surroundings by scrolling through online skate videos. When the carefree and achingly cool girls of Skate Kitchen post an open-invite to a session, Camille’s world is cast wide open as the skaters welcome her into the fold.

With a newfound sense of belonging, Camille glides along the sun-drenched streets of New York with Skate Kitchen as they shoot clips, attempt tricks, and defiantly take up space in male-dominated skate parks.

Refreshingly, female friendship is at the forefront of Skate Kitchen, as the girls navigate sexuality, drugs, fractured family life and temptation in the form of a pink-haired Jaden Smith.

Skate Kitchen is writer and director Crystal Moselle’s second feature after Sundance-favourite The Wolfpack. Moselle discovered the real-life Skate Kitchen collective when she approached them on the subway to collaborate, embedding herself in their lives to build an uncannily realistic narrative based on their lived experiences.

"Skate Kitchen conveys the simple, exhilarating thrill of daring to claim social space, and proceeding to occupy it, with defiance and ecstatic grace"  - Variety

Filmmaker and skater Adelaide Norris's short film ABD by DNL screens with every session of Skate Kitchen.

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