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Slack Bay

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“Beautifully made, bracingly eccentric”

The Hollywood Reporter

Powerhouse French actors Juliette Binoche, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Fabrice Luchini lead the charge in Bruno Dumont’s madcap murder mystery, unveiled in Official Selection at Cannes.

Summer, 1910. Tourists are mysteriously vanishing among the dunes of the picturesque beaches along the Channel Coast in northern France. Bumbling inspectors Machin and Malfoy soon train their investigation on a small community of fishermen and mussel gatherers at Slack Bay. Towering high above the bay is the mansion of the wealthy Van Peteghems. The eccentric family – effete patriarch André (Luchini), his shrill wife Isabelle (Bruni Tedeschi) and Andre’s haughty sister Aude (Binoche) – arrive with offspring in tow to holiday for the Summer and become embroiled in the case when adolescent tomboy Billie Van Peteghem (French newcomer Raph) takes a shine to the ungainly son of the local ferryman.

“Bruno Dumont, the former high priest of French seriousness, has successfully shifted to slapstick and pratfalls in this crime comedy set during the Belle Époque…very strange and very funny” The Guardian