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Sleep Has Her House

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“The single most momentous hour and a half in the dark for me this year, a tenebrous landscape film shapeshifting between reality and nightmare, cinema and dream. ”


Enjoy a truly unique 'chill out' experience at EFFA, and take a moment to remember the beauty and stillness of the forest in the dark.

Stunning slow cinema film, Sleep Has Her House, will screen with a live musical accompaniment by classically trained pianist and composer, Rose Riebl, adding a new dimension to this atmospheric, narrative-free film. 

Lightning illuminates a pine forest, horses wait in the darkness, an owl watches. Shapes shift in a woodland clearing, lit by the bluish hue of the moon. Painterly visions of fantastic beauty capture a disorientating sense of the unreal. It’s hard to imagine a more exciting and distinctive feature debut for English visual artist Scott Barley, who here envelops nature in a cloak of impenetrable mystery, transcendental repose, and chilling expectation. With a few brushstrokes, Sleep Has Her House transports you to a place both familiar and strange. A one-of-a-kind cinematic experience, both intoxicating and profound, the film relies on minimal formal resources, ingenious camerawork, gentle movements and the compelling flow of time. Shot entirely on an iPhone, this is a symphonic and haunting piece of exquisite slow cinema, not-to-be-missed.

Proudly presented by the Environmental Film Festival Australia