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Smoke & Mirrors

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After the global success of Marshland, writer and director Alberto Rodríguez and Rafael Cobos reunite for a large-scale study of institutional corruption in Smoke & Mirrors, the incredible true story of the man who fooled an entire country: Francisco Paesa (Eduard Fernández, The Skin I Live In).

Paesa, the shadowy, swindling real-life anti-hero, spent the 80s secretly purchasing weapons for the Spanish Government in their fight against the terrorist group ETA. When the scandal broke, Paesa was made a scapegoat and forced to leave Spain in fear for his life. In 1994, finally able to return albeit a ruined man, his chance for vengeance arrives on his doorstep in the form of a corrupt Police Chief (Carlos Santos, A Stroke of Luck) seeking his aid to embezzle a fortune.

Recalling Scorsese and Sorrentino while blazing a trail all of its own, Cobos’ script weaves a dazzling net of crime and duplicity and was awarded Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2017 Goya Awards. Co-starring José Coronado (The Body  and Marta Etura (Cell 211 ).

“A Hispanic Ocean’s Eleven”

The Hollywood Reporter

WINNER: Best Adapted Screenplay, Best New Actor, Goya Awards, 2017

WINNER: Silver Seashell for Best Actor, San Sebastian International Film Festival, 2016

NOMINATED: Best Director, Best Actor, Best Original Score, Goya Awards, 2017