I Am Not Your Negro ACMI presents

The Sound of Resistance

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“Empathy - everybody should have it and to me that’s what activism is.”

Sampa the Great

Following the screening of I Am Not Your Negro, join musical force Sampa the Great and spoken word artist Abe Nouk with Host Areej Nur for an electric live performance in the ACMI Cafe & Bar.

Music has long been a powerful form of cultural expression and political resistance, from the spiritual songs of the American Deep South to the protest songs of the civil rights movement and the anti-apartheid movement of South Africa. In this creative response program, Sampa and Abe will celebrate music as a potent form of cultural expression, political protest and as a vital call to action.

Drinks will be available at happy hour prices for this special event marking the launch of the film's season.

Price includes film screening and performance.

About the performers

Sampa the Great

Hailing from Africa the motherland, Sampa the Great is a female poet and musician who aims to inspire through art. Sampa was born in Zambia but was raised in Botswana where she was introduced to hip hop and soon found her sound and her voice. Sampa credits her youth in Africa for influencing her tracks’ political consciousness.  

Abe Nouk

Born in Sudan, Abe Nouk is a spoken word artist and MC whose craft celebrates freedom of speech as an agent for change. Abe was illiterate when he and family arrived in Australia in 2004 under UN High Commission Refugee Status. Since then, liberated from the nightmares of illiteracy, Abe has embraced the power of the written word to become an author, performer and facilitator of creative performance and writing workshops.

Areej Nur

Areej Nur is a radio producer, presenter and trainer. She is also co-founder and curator of African artist collective and organisation, Still Nomads. Most of Areej’s work seeks to support Women of Colour, particularly black women, to be at the forefront of discussions about community, art, race and feminism in Australia.

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