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Student production and the moving image (primary)

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About the program

This talk peels back the layers to explore the creative technologies used in moving image productions.

Students find out about making games, animations and live action films, and then see these ideas take shape through a screening of outstanding student productions made for ACMI’s annual Screen It competition.

Program schedule

1 hour talk + visit to Screen Worlds

Groups over 60 students, please allow additional time to visit Screen Worlds.


Education bookings and enquiries

+61 3 8663 2441

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Join a scheduled session (below) or start a new session on an alternative date (above). To start a new session, you must have at least 30 students. No minimum group size applies for scheduled sessions.

  • Wed 18 Oct
    • 10.00AM
  • Mon 23 Oct
    • 10.00AM
  • Mon 30 Oct
    • 10.00AM
    • 10.00AM
  • Wed 1 Nov
    • 10.00AM
  • Thu 2 Nov
    • 10.00AM
  • Fri 3 Nov
    • 10.00AM
  • Mon 13 Nov
    • 10.00AM
  • Fri 24 Nov
    • 10.00AM
  • Thu 7 Dec
    • 10.00AM