FEM&IST Film Festival 2018 Fem&Ist Films presents

Surrealism and Feminism

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Within the abstract there is potential, as the films subjects and objects do not conform to conventional forms, therein expanding the bounds of what we thought was possible. Not just literally in terms of the films figures, but conceptually in terms of the ideas that may materialise in our minds. This series of short films brings Suzan Pitt and Marta Pajek into conversion with one another. They are two filmmakers from different generations, schools of thought and opposite sides of the globe; who explore feminism in dialogue with surrealism.

A pre-recorded interview with Pitt and Pajek will be screened after the film.

Films screening in this session

El Doctor, Suzan Pitt: Los Angeles and Mexico, 24 mins, 2006

At the gates of death, desperation and dark comedy, the doctor in charge perfers to drink.

Visitation, Suzan Pitt: USA, 9 mins, 2011

Surrealistic and strange, the film maker materializes those figures which inhabit the eternal ballet beneath our consciousness.

Joy Street, Suzan Pitt: Mexico, Guatemala and USA, 24 mins, 1995

An ambitious, astonishing story of a woman's journey from suicidal despair to personal renewal, with the help of an unlikely spirit guide.

Asparagus, Suzan Pitt: USA, 19 mins, 1979

Propelled into the world of the phallus, rendered here as a field of asparagus, our blank-faced protagonist deep throats, excretes and flushes them away.

Crocus, Suzan Pitt: USA, 6 mins, 1971

A snapshot of the artists home life, featuring rioting babies and a rogue cabbage.

Impossible Figures and Other Stories II, Marta Pajek: Poland, 15 mins, 2016

The second installment of a trilogy exploring perfection and fullfillment in a reality full of traps.

III, Marta Pajek: Poland, 12 mins, 2018

A portrait of a woman in an exhausting relationship with a man; alluring and repulsive in equal measure.