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“You’d need a heart of stone and a funny bone of porridge not to enjoy this sweet-natured and eminently lovable British film – a 1940s adventure, with moments of brashness and poignancy”

The Guardian

Catrin Cole (Tamara Drewe’s Gemma Arterton) is a resolutely can-do sort eking out a living as a copywriter during the London Blitz. Recruited to the Ministry of Information’s Film division to write dialogue ‘from a woman’s perspective’ to make the unit’s wartime propaganda featurettes more appealing to a female audience, Catrin takes the casual chauvinism of head writer Tom Buckley (Sam Claflin) in her stride. Buckley’s ego isn’t the only one Catrin learns to humour.

Bill Nighy is cast in the scene-stealing role of pompous thesp, Ambrose Hilliard; the would-be romantic lead of the screenwriting pair’s newly penned script, aghast that he is offered the role of past-his-prime Uncle Frank. All three end up on the Devon set of a fancifully embellished war-time drama whose contrived heroics stand in contrast to the ‘real-life’ drama being played out behind the scenes. Richard E. Grant, Eddie Marsan and Jeremy Irons are all excellent in supporting roles.

"Arterton brings a rather beautiful kind of restraint to her role [as] the clever and industrious Catrin Cole, [a character] inspired by the real-life Ealing screenwriter Diana Morgan" The Guardian