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“ a remake of Casablanca as written by Franz Kafka”

Georg (Franz Rogowski), a scrappy German refugee, escapes the advancing German troops by reaching the French port of Marseille. With him he carries documents - a manuscript, letters and a visa assurance from the Mexican Embassy - belonging to a dissident author, Weidel, who has committed suicide. Georg assumes Weidel's identity and enters into the limbo-like existence of a man in flight, forced to mark time while he waits for his visa to be approved and for safe passage by ship to Mexico. Georg's plans are thrown into disarray when Weidel's wife arrives in Marseille in a desperate search for the husband she had earlier abandoned.

Petzold’s intimate, existential 2018 thriller is also a story of love, guilt and fateful choices in the face of survival and exile. Based on the war-time novel by German author Anna Seghers, published in 1944, the film makes use of uncanny and disquieting parallels between war-time history and Europe’s contemporary socio-political crisis.

Transit is the fourth feature by Christian Petzold to be nominated for the Berlinale's Golden Bear. 

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