Jean-Pierre Melville: The Outsider ACMI Cinemas Presents

Un Flic

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“A fitting final act for noir master Jean-Pierre Melville”

Having played the stoic criminal in previous collaborations with Jean-Pierre Melville, Alain Delon changes sides (but not demeanor) by playing a jaded cop in Melville's final film. Losing none of his cynical edge, Un Flic starts with a chilly seaside bank robbery that leaves one bank teller dead. The perpetrators leader is Simon (Richard Crenna), a nightclub owner who also happens to be friends with the leading cop on the case, played by Delon. 

Complicating matters further is Simon's sultry girlfriend (Catherine Deneuve), who is also seeing Delon on the side. The scene is set for one of Melville's classic scenarios about the moral codes that bond and destroy men.