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“Devos gives one of the most impassioned performances of her lauded career... A stunning and mature masterwork [and] an intimate and powerful true story”

Toronto International Film Festival

From the director of the award-winning Seraphine, Violette is a moving drama based on the unheralded career of one of the most fearless French writers of the 20th century. In wartime rural France, fledgling novelist Violette Leduc subsists on the meagre profits from selling black market goods. A writer friend urges her to move to Paris where an encounter with Simone de Beauvoir sets her life on a new course. 

Violette not only manages to convince the already established author and public intellectual to read her work but finds in the imperious Ms De Beauvoir a rigorous and complex mentor who champions her work and offers Violette entrée to the Parisian literary scene.

Emmanuelle Devos (Almost Friends) gives an impressively nuanced performance as a woman marked by childhood deprivation and a loveless early marriage whose struggle to find her voice as a writer becomes the key to hard-won personal freedom.