Virtual Cinémathèque: Guy Maddin

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For this week's Virtual Cinémathèque we head to Canada to revisit a selection of films by Guy Maddin. ACMI's Director of Film Programs provides an overview as well as notes on each film:

J Hoberman cited Guy Maddin as "the most eccentric of mainstream filmmakers (or the most accessible of the avant-gardists)".

For decades, the Canadian director has created cinematic worlds governed entirely by their own logic. Inventive, wonderfully self-deprecating and irreverent, each new work offers an avalanche of humour and delirious melodrama.

His films celebrate the tactility of the medium and pay homage to cinema of a bygone era, drawing on influences as varied as Homer and ice hockey. Sleepwalkers, amnesiacs, (flawed) heroes and the psychotic inhabit Maddin's snowbound landscapes, where dreams and memory reign supreme.

– Kristy Matheson, Director of ACMI's Film Programs

Please feel free to join in the conversation using the #acmivirtualcteq hashtag this Wednesday 26 August or at another time that suits you.

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The Melbourne Cinémathèque committee & ACMI

How to watch

The films in this week's program are streaming across multiple platforms. Click on the films below for more information.

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Films in this program


My Winnipeg

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Short films

The Heart of the World

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Short films

Night Mayor

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