We Don't Need a Map

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“An eye-opening lesson for the world about the proud history and ongoing racial tensions that currently form the crux of the Australian experience”


Filmmaker Warwick Thornton investigates our relationship to the Southern Cross in this irreverent ride through Australia's cultural and political landscape. He takes us on a journey through this five-star constellation's astronomical, colonial and Indigenous history to the present day. For Aboriginal people the meaning of this heavenly body is deeply spiritual. By contrast, the star-adorned Eureka Flag was emblematic of protest and defiance, a quality that caused it to be adopted by activists, and lately, the darker side of Australian nationalism.

From Saturday 20 January, see some of the original Bush Toys, together with spectacular extended time lapse footage and learn about Indigenous histories, tattoo traditions and astronomy in a new free exhibit coming to Screen Worlds, "We Don't Need a Map: Australian identity and the Southern Cross".