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White Material

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“White Material marshals its resources with great intelligence and visceral clout”

Kevin Harley, Total Film

Acclaimed auteur Claire Denis returns to Africa to explore notions of home, belonging and identity against the backdrop of a nation fractured by colonialism and civil war.

At the core of this superbly crafted film is Maria Vialle (Isabelle Huppert), a coffee plantation matriarch who fails to acknowledge the shifting sands that embroil her family in the bloody conflict.

Infused with another magical score by Tindersticks (Denis' long-time collaborators), White Material features the hallucinatory marriage of sound and image that is the director's trademark, drawing the viewer into an astonishing elliptical narrative. Denis gathers her ensemble cast with aplomb but it is Huppert's Maria a perfectly nuanced mix of understated tension and steely resolve that drives the ever-present adrenaline and suspense in this masterful cinematic experience.