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The Wild Child

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In a vein characteristic of François Truffaut’s overall thematic focus on adolescence, this modest but profoundly eloquent film sympathises with the difficult and even ambivalent act of welcoming a child into the world.

Based on an actual case from the late eighteenth century, the film stars Truffaut himself as the doctor who is central to the “wild” child’s upbringing, and in his dual role as actor and director he brings a patient, compassionate and gently complex relationship to life.

Jean-Pierre Cargol gives a stunning performance as the untutored child gradually “born into” language.

Exquisitely edited by nouvelle vague regular Agnès Guillemot.

With Jean Dasté and Claude Miller.


Screening to be introduced by Professor Murray Pomerance (Ryerson University), one of the world’s leading film scholars and the author of numerous books on various aspects of cinema including The Man Who Knew Too Much and Marnie (both in the BFI Classics series), The Eyes Have It: Cinema and the Reality EffectMichelangelo Red Antonioni Blue and The Horse Who Drank the Sky.