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The Year My Voice Broke

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“This funny, touching, truthful gem of a film is one of the ongoing pleasures of Australian cinema ”

Set in the early sixties in the Tablelands of New South Wales, The Year My Voice Broke is an evocation of adolescence in a pre-multicultural, rigidly conservative rural Australia. Noah Taylor is Danny, an intelligent but awkward teenage boy who dreams of fame as a musician or a poet. Loene Carmen is Freya, his best friend, who is adopted by a local family and whose forthright rebellious behaviour leads to a reputation as the town floozy. 

Danny and Freya's friendship becomes strained when she falls for the local thug, Trevor (Ben Mendelsohn). When Freya finds herself pregnant to Trevor, the local township is united in their condemnation of her. It is the bond between Danny, Freya, Trevor and the ghost of the town's past which ultimately leads to both tragedy, but also the chance of escape from the boredom and social constraints of small-town life.

This bona fide Australian classic was recently restored by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, just in time for its 30th anniversary.

Winner of 4 AFI Awards including Best Film and Best Director.