Sara Driver: NYC ACMI presents

You Are Not I

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“Driver’s work simultaneously feels like a throwback to “Eraserhead” and an anticipation of “Requiem for a Dream.” ”

When a nearby car accident causes a commotion, a young woman slips out of a mental hospital and glides down a corpse-laden hill, in a scene reminiscent of Night of the Living Dead.  Almost immediately she’s struck by similarities on either side of the fence – that being a lack of freedom.  Mistaken for someone in shock, she’s returned to her family home where her plan to stay out of hospital unfolds.

A distinctive 1960s aesthetic is the backdrop for ghost-like performances by Sara Driver-regular Suzanne Fletcher and photographer Nan Goldin, in an all-too-brief cameo. Jim Jarmusch rounds out a who’s who of the No Wave Cinema scene by returning the favour as Producer – Sara Driver produced his Permanent Vacation the previous year.

Adapted from a Paul Bowles short story of the same name, Sara Driver's film was held in high regard by the author.  Shortly after its premiere, the film was thought to have been lost forever when the negative was destroyed in a warehouse accident.  Following Bowles' death, the last remaining print was discovered in Tangiers amongst his possessions.