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A young man throwing up graffiti on a wall in Los Hongos


Los Hongos

R 18+
Coarse language and sexual references

1 Mar

Ras covers the walls of the neighbourhood with his graffiti, while his sweet, religious mother worries he’s possessed by evil. His best friend Calvin studies Fine Arts and is having difficult days. Together, the two friends take to the streets of Cali in a portrayal of youth and self-expression in contemporary Colombia.



Tickets: $13 - $17. Member Discounts Available.
  • "The title, which translates to 'The Mushrooms,' is meant as a metaphorical description of these characters, who are living in a society that’s rotting from the inside, and yet are finding the energy to grow." - Variety

    “A sweet-natured look at young adults in search of a good time and a higher purpose... has a big heart and a punk rock spirit.” Diana Sanchez, Toronto International Film Festival

    Winner - Special Jury Prize, Locarno 2014.
    Winner - Dioraphte Award. Oscar Ruiz Navia, Rotterdam International Film Festival 2015

    Nominated - Grand Prix, Tokyo International Festival 2014