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Animated silhouette of two people's heads.
Artwork by Siobhan Jackson


Presented by the Victorian College of the Arts

VCA Graduate Short Film Screenings 2015

4 Dec - 13 Dec

See the latest graduating films from the students at the Victorian College of the Arts. Over two weekends in December, graduating students from the film and television program present an absorbing collection of short films. Whether you’re a keen movie buff or a budding filmmaker, this event is not to be missed if you want to see local talent at its finest!

Tickets: $10 - $13. Member Discounts Available.
  • Read the full list of Programs. Dates, times and tickets for corresponding programs are available via the page's calendar.

    Program A

    Georgina (Director: Sandra Veneklaas, 12 mins)
    Different Ways (Director: Rachel (Raci) Wilkinson, 4 mins)
    Death By Chocolate Director (Director: Gillian Crosby Producer, Producer: Lauren Jankovskis, 8 mins)
    I am JUPITER I am the BIGGEST PLANET (Director: Matthew Victor Pastor, 15 mins)
    Secret Matters (Director: Janos Zoltan, 20 mins)
    Slug (Director: Patrick McBain, 10 mins)
    Heart Station (Director: Tao Jia, 17 mins)

    Program B

    Blood Ties (Director: Christel Chia, Producer: Will South, 13 mins)
    Crush (Director: Lara Kose, Producer: Michael Whyntie, 15 mins)
    Hopeless Dream (Director: Alisa Worapgrankul, 12 mins)
    Bigger than Ben Hur (Director: Nicholas Waight, 6 mins)
    For Fux Sake! (Director: Merrill Bray, 15 mins)
    I Am Here And You Are Out There (Director: Leah Sanderson, Producer: Angela Moran, 17 mins)
    Foetal Position (Director: Claudia Fitzgerald, 8 mins)

    Program C

    JUMP! (Director: Sarah Walton, Producer: Danielle Singleton, 17 mins)
    Crows (Director: Daniel Atkinson, 4 mins)
    Strawberry Grace (Director: Juan Sebastian Mosquera Calle, Producer: Jesse Hatter, 12 mins)
    Motown (Director: Alex Wu, Producer: Mark Day, 13 mins)
    The Big Dark (Director: Robbie McKinstry, 6 mins)
    Hell is Other People (Director: Jessica Hutchison, 21 mins)
    Out of the Woods Part 1 (Director: Chloe Pisani, 3 mins)
    Karma Police (Director: Greta Nash, Producer: Danielle Singleton, 9 mins)

    Program D

    Blackbird (Director: Amie Batalibasi, 14 mins)
    The Corn is Flowering (Director: Dongmei Li, 10 mins)
    Charlie (Director: Alex Louw, 3 mins)
    The Mechanic (Director: Chris Gillingham, Producer: Will South & Lauren Jankovskis, 11 mins)
    Ascension (Director: Claire Marsh, 23 mins)
    Quiet Gold (Director: Erin Rosenberg, 17 mins)
    Ten Thousand (Director: Biddy O’Loughlin, 10 mins)

    Program E

    Hospitality (Director: Elizabeth Fermanis, 17 mins)
    WOOF! (Director: Nina Buxton, 9 mins)
    Remnant (Director: David Shane Morris, Producer: Ash Cottrell & Daniel Higgins, 25 mins)
    Fact vs Fission (Director: Vanessa Macedo, 18 mins)
    Overgrown (Director: Jennifer Crow, 5 mins)
    Under the Table (Director: Max Walter, 12 mins)

    Program F

    Kawaki and Sharp (Director: Joshua Steele, Producer: Jaryd Dickson, 13 mins)
    Touch (Director: Lauren Edson, 4 mins)
    The Seed (Director: Susannah Collins, Producer: Jesse Hatter, 10 mins)
    The Outliers (Director: Carmen Holman, 11 mins)
    St Paul (Director: Thien Nguyen, 13 mins)
    Insomnolence (Director: Kiefer Findlow, Producer: Jacob Richards, 15 mins)
    Worry Me In the Daytime (Director: Sebastian Broadbent, 21 mins)

    Program G

    Birds of a Feather (Director: Malcolm Bloedel, 17 mins)
    Apartment n15 (Director: Emma Gover, 12 mins)
    Cocoon (Director: Maddy Haywood, 5 mins)
    Max (Director: Ryan Paturzo-Polson, Producer: Sarah Pass, 16 mins)
    Where We Live (Director: Jesse Richards, Producer: Jaryd Dickson & Danielle Singleton 11 mins)
    Golden Delivery (Director: Kristy O’Dea, 3 mins)
    There’s A Bluebird In My Heart (Director: Simon Trevorrow, Producer: Scottnes Smith, 16 mins)
    Just a Cat (Director: Ruadh O’Brien-Simpson, 4 mins)