Gallery 5

Unfinished Camp

What is the future of art in a decentralised world?

We’ve commissioned three young artists to answer that question as part of a new global initiative, Unfinished Camp. Run in conjunction with leading arts organisations around the world and spearheaded by curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and author András Szántó, Unfinished Camp debuted as part of Unfinished Live in September at The Shed, New York and House of Electronic Arts, Basel. 

Other Unfinished Camp artists & participating institutions

UCCA Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing) Amiko Li | Jasphy Zheng | Wang Yuyu
Pivô (São Paulo) biarritzzz (Bia Rodrigues) | Christian Salablanca Diaz | Mazenett Quiroga: David Quiroga & Lina Mazenet
HEK (Basel) Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley | Salomé Chatriot | Sarah Friend
The Shed (New York) Eric-Paul Reige | Haley Anderson | Kiyan Williams
Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Cape Town) Helena Uambembe | Naomi Lulendo | The Botswana Pavilion
Serpentine Galleries (London) Josiane Pozi | Jota Mombaça | Paul Kolling
The High Line (New York) Edgar Allan Go Pro | Georgica Pettus | Gabriella Torres-Ferrer

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