Running Free: Sponsorship & Product Placement 101

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Ever wondered how you can fund your program? Are you considering product placement or sponsorship but don't know where to start? Sonia Harding, Executive Producer of the home improvement TV show Selling Houses Australia', shares her tips and tricks to make it work for you.

Hosted by Esther Coleman-Hawkins from Media Mentors.  

Running Free is presented in partnership between ACMI and Media Mentors.

About Sonia Harding

Sonia Harding, Executive Producer of Beyond Productions

Sonia Harding is the Executive Producer of Selling Houses Australia which is produced by Beyond Productions for Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel. Sonia has run all but one series of the show since it was commissioned 13 years ago, adapting the original UK format and helping shape the show for Australian viewers. Sonia has also been the showrunner for other lifestyle shows such as Hot Property, the Logie-Award-winning What’s Good for You and Channel Nine’s Renovation Rescue. Before becoming involved in Lifestyle television, Sonia produced a number of medical and science documentaries for the American market.